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Our Frame Experts

Our Framing ExpertsOur Framers

It’s all about our people. Our framers are well trained, motivated professionals who want to do their best work with each and every customer. They are highly creative people, such as visual artists, sculptors, graphic designers, musicians and even a budding chef.  Amongst the team are many lifelong framing experts with 30 or more years of experience…they have seen it all! They love what they do and feel it’s their mission to make each piece a masterpiece.

Our Framing ExpertsOur Owners

Barry and Bob have over 30 years' experience in the framing industry. They care deeply about excellence, beautiful design, high quality and a wonderful experience for each and every customer. They work hard at providing all the essentials of running a great business but, of course, they know their people are the secret ingredient! They always want to hear from their customers.  If there is a problem you can be sure the company will make it right for you!