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Your service made my day

Hi Barry and Bob,
Today I visited your Stoneham store for the first time. I was very pleased with the service I received the gentleman that helped me today was very polite, friendly and quick. It was also nice that I was not charged for having a string put on a picture that I received as a gift. Most of the framing stores wanted to charge me. It was very nice knowing that there are still stores out there that have great customer service, he even gave me a hanger and some bumper pads to put on the frame. I will recommend your stores to all my friends that need anything to do with framing and picture work. I had a very pleasant experience at your store, keep up the good work.

Thank you your service made my day,

Excellent, careful attention

Barry (and Bob)
Wanted to commend the excellent, careful attention given us on Monday, November 9, 2009, by Chris and Derek at your Needham Street, Newton Highlands, store.  We had several important prints to mat and frame up.  They were knowledgeable about your stock and Chris helped my wife choose the correct mats and mat arrangements for our pieces.

Glad to see this location and this business in good hands again!

Friendly and helpful

Barry and Bob,
I just wanted to send a note about your staff in the Stoneham, MA store. I have recently had a few different pieces framed and I can't say enough about how friendly and helpful the Stoneham staff was. They are very patient when I can't seem to decide what matting and frame to pick and never make me feel rushed. They are also helpful with suggestions that I would not have thought of.

Thank you and Happy Holidays,

Cheerful and positive attitude

Hi Bob and Barry,
I just wanted to pass on my heartfelt thanks to two of your employees, Amanda and Jimmy, at your Stoneham shop. They helped me yesterday morning with a seemingly impossible rush frame job-- It had to be done in two hours!

The first frame shop I had been working with dropped the ball and let me know too late that they could not finish the job in time. I was left scrambling to find a place that could do the job-- mere hours before the event at which the piece was needed.

Amanda and Jimmy not only got the job done beautifully, but they did it with a cheerful and positive attitude. The finished piece was presented to an important donor by a well-known dean here at Harvard, and I am pleased to say that the quality of workmanship was perfect for such a high-level event.

Thank you again!

Wonderfully helpful

Just wanted to let you know that Chris Curran, at your Needham St. store, was wonderfully helpful to us when we came in looking for a ready-made frame (he even helped us put our poster into it!)  He's a really nice guy.

Joan and Ethan

So helpful

Hi Barry,
I ran into your store early this morning with a very last minute request. Derek (hope I remember the name correctly) was so helpful and was able to accommodate my request! You will definitely be seeing me with future projects.

Barrows The Window Shoppe

Can-do attitude and willingness

Hello Barry and Bob,

I had the easiest shopping experience in your Needham St., Newton store today.  I left a message about a possible rush order early this morning, and Andy promptly called me back.  His can-do attitude and willingness to help brought me to the store, and once I was there he was most helpful.  His creativity was exactly what I needed, and he worked within my budget to allow me to set up the perfect Christmas gift. I am so grateful.  As I told Andy, I will be sure to refer friends, family, and work projects to your location in the future.

I thought it was important for you to know what a great team you have.  Thank you for helping me make this Christmas very special.

Warm regards,

Enthusiastic, informative and pleasant

Dear Barry and Bob,

I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a wonderful experience I had at your Peabody Store.  Everyone was enthusiastic, informative and pleasant. I am as pleased with my finished product as I am with the quality of service provided to me at your store.


Really knows how to put a picture together!


I wanted to let you know about a fantastic employee you have in your Needham Street store in Newton, MA. His name is Andy and he is the first person that I've run into at a framing store that really knows how to put a picture together!

He was friendly, polite and unbelievably knowledgeable about how to put colors together - he did an amazing job with 3 different color mats for my picture!

I was delighted to see the little note with your email addresses on it at the counter when I was paying the bill so that I could tell you what a terrific employee you have!


Incredibly helpful and accommodating


I came into your Natick store about 10 days before Christmas in desperation - I couldn't find anyone to frame a gift for my parent's 40th wedding anniversary and needed it by New Year's when they were traveling to MA to visit.  In fact, I was actually laughed at when I tried to take my project to Michael's and asked for the project to be completed by New Year's Eve! 

Your staff was incredibly helpful and accommodating, and the time frame I was requesting was not a problem at all.  Unfortunately, I didn't take down their names (one woman in particular helped me, and it was just her and a man working at the time), but they were great.

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you and your staff for saving the day, providing great customer service, and producing a beautiful framed product.  My parents were absolutely thrilled and touched by the gift.


Pass along my great experience

Dear Barry,

I went to a few local shops looking to frame a piece that I already had a frame for, (recaptured barn wood). Most places were difficult about it and were going to charge me a fortune. I was assisted by Joe and he was amazing. He helped me pick a fabulous matt, asked the staff for their opinion and had the whole thing framed up for me in 4 hours. It looks amazing!

You should be so pleased with your staff and I promise to pass along my great experience. Well done!


The picture and the frame look gorgeous

Hi Barry & Bob -
I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the service I received at your Newton - on Needham street store. Last Sunday I took in a large 5X3 picture for framing about an hour before closing. Andy patiently and thoughtfully worked with me to select the appropriate frame. I needed the picture in a week so, he checked on availability of the frame before promising, put a rush on the job. He called me 3 days ahead of promised date to let me know it was complete. I was able to pick up the picture yesterday well in advance of my need date. The picture and the frame look gorgeous. Andy was there when I picked up and I was able to thank him in person. I wanted to drop this note to you both and let you know that I am very pleased with the exceptional and courteous service I received. I am sure Andy is one of your valued employees.

Thank You,

Listening to my ideas and sharing his own creative suggestions

Dear Barry and Bob,
Just wanted to let you know that I became a Big Picture customer this February and I am so glad I did.

I walked into your Arlington store with three street-artist portraits of my children and was extremely impressed with the service that Ryan (I don't know his last name) provided. I had been expecting a big chain store experience and was quite surprised to find that Ryan himself was both a gifted artist and committed to providing me with top-notch service.

This weekend I called Arlington to see if Ryan was around, and they let me know he had moved to Stoneham. I decided to put on the extra miles to drive to Stoneham, and I'm so glad I did! I showed up first thing Saturday morning with seven pieces and Ryan rolled up his sleeves and gave me his undivided attention.  Once again, he was able to strike a perfect balance between listening to my ideas and sharing his own creative suggestions. I was in your store for hours, and can't wait to see how everything looks in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for bringing such a high-quality, reasonably-priced framing option to our area.

Take care,

I will continue to come back to your shop

Hi Barry,
I recently had a picture framed at your Newton, MA office on Needham St. A very nice and patient young man by the name of Andy helped me. It took awhile for me to decide on what I wanted and anxiously awaited the finished produce. The picture was framed beautifully, but the mat I had chosen made the picture seem very dark, especially as there was no direct sunlight on that side of my kitchen. I bought the picture back and Andy helped me choose another mat and the picture is now being reframed.

I am amazed at the service which your business provided. I have purchased several framed prints at the shop and had some more simple framing jobs done there, but I know I will continue to come back to your shop for the great service and guarantee.

Thank you,

Thank you for a great experience in your store.

Hi Barry and Bob,
I have just had my first experience at Big Picture Framing in Natick. Lydia helped me frame a water color print that was a gift for my husband. She was so wonderful to work with, and really knows her craft. I picked up my finished work yesterday, and I look forward to returning again.

Thank you for a great experience in your store.

I'll be sure to recommend your store

Barry and Bob,
Went to your store in Peabody for the first time and worked with John. He was personable yet professional, knowledgeable yet was open to my opinions and extremely patient. My experience exceeded my expectations. I also had interactions with another John and Eric who were also accommodating and a pleasure. Your employees are far above the level of many in retail today. I'll be sure to recommend your store to my family and friends.


I will be sure to return to your shop

Barry and Bob,
I would like to commend Amanda, from your Stoneham, MA store for providing my wife and I a very wonderful experience. I brought in several mementos of my parent’s wedding from fifty seven years ago to be framed. I had no idea what type of format in which these mementos could be configured. Amanda took the time to cut, arrange and make several suggestions for the final format. I liked the way things were moving ahead when Amanda also began picking out several framing solutions as well. I had no idea how detailed this effort was, however, with all true professionals, Amanda made it look effortless.

My product was promised to be ready the day before my mother’s anniversary and as my father has passed quite some time ago, I thought this would be a great present for her to look back upon that day. Amanda had it finished in less than a week, nearly two weeks before the anniversary date.

I was a pleasure working with Amanda and I believe she should receive special recognition for a job very well done. I will be sure to return to your shop for ALL my framing needs. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.


It was a fun experience

I love it when I can sing the praises of a clerk that has helped me.  In this case it would be Jake from your Milford store.  Jake and I put together 6 custom matted and framed photographs for my company photo contest, and he was so easy to work with and it was a fun experience.  You should take care to keep him happy; he is an asset to your store.


Remembered me from last year

Good morning!
The association I work for hosts an awards reception each year, with number of different awards that all require framing. The awards are extremely important to the members of our association.  There is a long history behind each award & awardee.  Before 2009 we worked with Corners in Framingham (mainly because of the location).  In 2009 Corner closed & I took a gamble on Big Picture Framing. That was one of the best decisions I’ve made! Lydia was easy to work with & made the transition seamless.

I returned this year with even more items to frame and confidence that each project would be completely not only beautifully but in a timely manner.
Lydia remembered me from last year & greeted me warmly.  Jane was new to the awards but was able to take over the projects with ease.  Both women have been amazing to work with: professional, courteous, friendly, & knowledgeable.  I look forward to working with Lydia & Jane & Big Picture Framing in the years to come!

Could not have been more helpful

Dear Barry and Bob:
I should have got this e-mail off to you weeks ago, but -- I hope -- better late than never.

I am writing to tell you what you probably already know, which is that your senior lady in the Boston Tpke store (Shrewsbury?), Amy, is a delight to buy from.

During late last year and into this year, I have needed to have pictures framed for exhibitions of my astrophotography. Amy could not have been more helpful, and a couple of times when I got something wrong -- forgetting to sign a print, for example until after it was framed -- she not only helped put it right but managed to fit the extra work into her busy schedule, and always with a smile.

For as long as your prices continue to be competitive, I would not think of having pictures framed elsewhere, thanks largely to Amy.

Thank you for choosing your staff so well!

So friendly and helpful

We came into your store this morning and had an amazing experience with Jason. He was so friendly and helpful. I just to write to you and let you know. 

Thanks a bunch,
Jessy and Tarra

Professional and artistic

Hello Barry and Bob,
Just a quick note to relay to you my recent series of interactions through your Stoneham store. I decided to have about five large works and two smaller pieces framed back in June during your sale. I worked closely with Ryan, but also, Amanda on a number of occasions. They patiently helped to select the perfect matting and appropriate frames for the series. Specifically, in the case of the series of three triptychs, my daughter had photographed her grandfather's journey through various phases of coherence and distance relating to his battle with Alzheimer's Disease. (This was an AP Photography project through her school.) Ryan took so much care and time and together we selected a stunning combination of matting, and soft off white frames to complement the Cape house. (Where the photos were to be hung.) My mother in law was so moved by the framed works presented on her birthday, that she burst into tears of joy. The photos are so special because her husband can no longer reside at the summer home on the Cape. Ryan was sensitive, professional and artistic in his approach to the framing projects. Another very long photo was framed by Amanda, and I called her to explain that the photo had bubbled a little from the heat. She could not have been nicer in responding to my concern, and the photo is now back in Stoneham, as Ryan and Amanda are working on making it perfect.

These two fine employees are now well deserved managers, I believe.  I just wanted you to know my experience with their level of expertise. I intend to have everything framed at the Stoneham location as long as they are working there.

All the best,

I greatly appreciate talent

Hi Guys,
I wanted to reach out and say that Mindy in your Needham store is a rockstar... Don’t lose her! I came in to get a couple of magazine ‘testimonial ads’ mounted for presentation, and she came through in the clutch. I greatly appreciate talent, as we rely heavily on this to run our franchise locations (both owners, but also staff within the model)

...thought you should know


Unfailing artistic taste, helpfulness, kindness, etc. etc. etc.

Dear Barry and Bob,
I have recently had a fair amount of work done at the Newton store on Needham St. and I wanted to commend both Chris and Ashley for their unfailing artistic taste, helpfulness, kindness, etc. etc. etc.  They are especially good at picking me up off the floor after I find out how much it costs to frame something.  Kidding aside, they have been the best.  PLEASE REWARD THEM SOMEHOW< PLEASE.  They deserve it.  They have gone above and beyond many many times for me.


I have never felt a loyalty to a framing shop before now

I just had a water color framed at your store in Needham and wanted to let you know how wonderful the service was.  I was waited on by a young woman named Jane, who was able to immediately know what I was looking for in a frame.  I have never felt a loyalty to a framing shop before now.  My daughter is on her way to art school, so I have several occasions to need such a service and will seek out Jane in the future.


Extremely helpful

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Mindy's help just before Thanksgiving.  I am having a set of postcards framed and she was extremely helpful making recommendations and leading me through the process.  Thanks again and I look forward to picking up my order.

My best,

Terrific job for customers!

Hi Bob,
I want to let you know that Joe in your shop does a terrific job for customers!  On a Sunday when I needed help putting backing on a picture he took extra time to do this for me and help me get the wiring for hanging the picture on too!  It was a wonderful job.  He is very

customer-responsive and I just wanted to let you know that Joe will be the reason I continue to come to your shop for framing.

Best regards,

My piece looks fantastic!

Hi Barry & Bob,
Recently, I had a framed piece that needed to be repaired after Fed Ex damaged the item while it was in transit to me.  This was a special birthday gift that a friend put together for me.  I had to file a claim with Fed Ex as the item sustained extensive damage, some of

which was permanent damage to the art work caused by broken glass.

I brought the damaged item to your Stoneham location, which is close to where I work.  I had the pleasure of receiving assistance from Amanda, your manager at this location.  I found Amanda to be extremely helpful throughout the entire process of choosing a new frame and

Amanda also provided several suggestions which were quite helpful to me as I filed the claim with Fed Ex.  Without Amanda's help, it would have been much more difficult for me to not only resolve the damage to the piece, but also in filing my claim with Fed Ex.  I accidently left the original shipping box at the store, and did not realize that the only documentation I had from Fed Ex was the attached to the box,  I called store in a panic and Amanda told me she had saved the box -just in case.  Boy what a relief!  I was afraid the box would be discarded.

I again am very happy with the final results.  My piece looks fantastic!

My claim with Fed Ex was approved and they reimbursed me for all of the repair costs, and I received outstanding service from your manager, Amanda.  And, I have a local frame shop that I know I can bring additional items to be framed-and I know they will be handled professionally and with the utmost care.

Thanks for employing such a true professional in Amanda.  It was a pleasure to receive such professional advice and assistance from Amanda.


Very helpful and friendly attitudes

Hello Gentlemen,
I wanted to send a personal email complimenting the staff at your Newton store (not Newton Center, the other one).  We had taken a family group portrait for my mother's 75th, and the staff could not have been more accommodating in helping pick the frame, matting, and even providing cardboard to ship.  It was back in October, so I forget the names, but they were wonderful.   Please let the staff know that because of their very helpful and friendly attitudes, I feel good in saying I wouldn't hesitate to use and recommend Big Picture Framing to my friends.

All the best to your continued success,

Complemented the artwork beautifully

Dear Barry and Bob,
Early in December, I came in to your Arlington store to have a piece  of artwork framed as a Christmas present for my wife. That's when I met Kellie, who works at your store.

She walked me through lots of options, but in reality (my being an art klutz) I depended on her good taste and judgment.

Long story short, my wife was thrilled with both the artwork (well, it was by our daughter) and the frame, which complemented the artwork beautifully.

It's a rare event when my wife is thrilled by a Christmas present from me. Come to think of it, it has never happened. So in fact, I don't think it's an overstatement to say that Kellie's frame saved our marriage--and was much cheaper than divorce lawyers.

So thank you gentlemen, for having such a great store, and special thanks to the talented Kellie. (Perhaps she missed her calling as a marriage counselor?)

Best Regards for the New Year,

A shout out to GREAT employees!!!!

I work in town and have brought numerous items in to be matted, framed, redesigned, and reworked over the years. I have been continuously impressed with the expertise and professionalism of your employees. Just today, noting Ryan and Amanda, they were especially helpful, artistic and attentive. This is why I will continue to visit your store.  A shout out to GREAT employees!!!!

Woburn, MA

Very patient and professional

I wanted to send you a note with regard to my visit to the Natick store on Rt. 9.

We were in the store twice - once to frame a Ketubah and the second time to frame the wedding invitation.  During both visits we dealt with Andy.  I wanted to send you a note to let you know that Andy was a pleasure to deal with. We were framing important pieces to us and could not have asked for a better help. He was very patient and professional, especially given the amount of time we spent at the store and the number of questions that we asked.


I am SO IMPRESSED by the employees

Hello, Gentlemen,
I am writing because I had a great experience at your Peabody location this evening.

Before I tell you how pleased I am with Faith and Jimmy, I'll tell you a bit about myself.  I work as the Director of Customer Care for a mail-order pharmacy company.  I have worked in customer service for many years, and am more the type to write wrathful letters bemoaning the lack of customer service I have received.  Truth be told, I EXPECT great customer service, try to train my employees that way, and do my best to provide it at all times.  It takes a LOT for me to notice customer service in a good light.

That's where you come in.  I recently found a few pictures that I had stored and decided to get them framed.  I brought them into the Peabody store tonight.  Jimmy greeted me when I came in, immediately stopped what he was working on, and gave me his full attention.  Faith came out and was assisting Jimmy (they told me during our conversation that she was fairly new and he was breaking her in), and they both were remarkably friendly and offered opinions on various options on the frames, mats, etc.  I brought in 3 (probably unusual) items.  I had a photograph that I had bought at Marshall's 10 years ago already framed that had fallen, and the frame had been damaged.  It had a fiberboard backing stapled to it.  I also had an old watercolor that had been painted by a friend of my mother's and wanted to get it framed for her as the friend had passed away recently.  It was oddly shaped and matted badly.  The third item was a photograph that I had purchased matted, and was probably the easiest pic to frame.

Jimmy disassembled all 3 pictures, while chatting with me and talking about various options for matting and framing while Faith started filling out paperwork.  The two of them were extremely helpful and really gave me the impression that the only thing they cared about was assisting me.  Jimmy has an incredible eye, and was so helpful and so friendly I was put at ease, and am really looking forward to seeing the end result.  I just may ask Jimmy to help
me choose the right location for the pictures after they are framed!

We were just putting the finishing touches on the paperwork when a member of your management team arrived and wanted to speak with Jimmy.  He apologized, asked if there was anything else that he could help me with, and asked if I had any questions he could answer before he excused himself.  I asked Faith if the person that had arrived was a member of the management team, and she advised me it was.  Jimmy sat down with this person, then came out to make sure that Faith was OK with everything, and told her that he was going to be sitting with this person for a while for his review.  I hope that review went VERY well.  He then asked for my name, shook my hand, told me it was nice to meet me and it had been a pleasure doing business with me, and that I could call any time if I had
questions or concerns.

Guys, I would steal them both away from you if it wasn't so obvious that they have a passion for their positions.  It takes a lot to surprise me, and I was so pleasantly surprised, I had to let someone know.  I LOVE the idea that you want your customers to let you know about their experience.  A+.  I know I will be happy with the end result, and I have already been advised if I'm not, it will be fixed.

Good job, Gentlemen.  I am SO IMPRESSED by the employees at your Peabody location.  Your HR department or recruiter deserves kudos as well.  Please feel free to use this letter as you see fit, and please advise Jimmy and Faith that I am a fan!

Thank you for a great experience.